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Our Training edge

Communication skill is a critical element of practically any job. In today’s business world, you need to be able to speak and write with equal proficiency.

Different types of communication suit different needs. As a professional, you must be able to recognize the situations that are better suited for written communication as opposed to verbal.

Our Language Edge

  • General English

Our General English courses are designed to help people feel more confident with their everyday English. Flexible courses to suit your life!

  • Business English

Our Business English courses focus on helping professionals in Dubai improve their English skills for professional purposes. From presentations to emails.

  • Corporate English

The course of corporate English training will be adapted for your company’s needs. Our lessons are well-balanced so that your employees can boost the skills that are most important for them.

Our Training Edge

  • Presentation Skills Training

A Nationally Certified Presentation Skills trainer will ensure you master critical verbal and non-verbal skills in a hands-on learning environment, and we’ll also focus on essential techniques for success, such as storytelling, effective Q & A, appropriate humor and effective use of visual aids!

  • Soft Skill Training

We can customize courses as per your request and for company’s needs. It includes communication skills, Time Management, Customer Service, Presentation skills, Negotiation skills, Customer service, Problem Solving and decision making, Team building, Emotional Intelligence

  • Voice & Accent Training

Accent Neutralisation - Elimination of Mother Tongue Influence (MTI), Jaw Exercises Pronunciation of Consonants & Vowels, Rules of Intonations, Basics of American & British Accent

  • Online Training

It is a virtual class where students attend school via the internet and other technical tools, may be available from many different colleges and universities. Students who pursue an online course in English improve their skills in reading, writing, and speaking English.